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Small groups – max. 6 Persons1

The advantage of having small groups is a higher rate in learning success and more personal interaction. That's why our groups have maximum 6 participants (max. 8 participants in peak weeks) and never more. Like that we stay agile.

SNOWBOARD Discovery lesson (4-6 adults1)

Total beginners 2 h Su 14.00-16.00 35 CHF2 book

SNOWBOARD Group lesson (4-6 adults1)

All levels 5 x 2,5 h Mo-Fr 9.30-12.00 255 CHF2 book

SNOWBOARD Freestyle (4-6 adults1)

Freestyle coaching3 5 x 2,5 h Mo-Fr 9.30-12.00 255 CHF2 book

1) till 8 in peak weeks
2) Price with citizen passport. Extra charge 5% without citizen passport
3) Helmet and backprotector are compulsory.

There is no better way.

The smaller the group, the greater the learning outcome: We never teach more than 6 persons (max. 8 persons in peak weeks) at once. All our instructors are well qualified and very keen to help you improve. Like that you learn quickly and efficiently. Please also read our FAQ.