Group courses

Group courses - FAQ

Where can I meet my instructor?

On Monday and Tuesday, the meeting point for all group courses is at the village meeting point (behind the ice rink). From Wednesday the instructor can set up a different meeting point, of course always with prior agreement with the students and their parents.

Where are the meeting points?

  • MP Village: at the Kalbermatten beginner lifts / behind the ice rink
  • MP Morenia: next to the Morenia restaurant
  • MP Felskinn: in front of the restaurant and Metro entrance
  • MP Spielboden: in front of the Spielboden restaurant
  • MP Feechatz: at the start of the Feechatz ski lift near Längfluh

Do beginners need a ski pass for the whole area?

Children up to 5.99 years travel for FREE in Saas-Fee. Children do not need tickets for children's ski lessons in the Kids PARK (ESKIMOS Ski System). The groups / private guests with ski level PENGUIN and SEAL need a ski ticket for the village ski lifts for the course. Children up to the age of 8.99 travel free if the parents buy a 6-day pass (with Saastalcard). The date of birth of the ID is relevant.
Basic 1 & amp; Basic 2
Groups and private guests level BASIC 1 and BASIC 2 need a ski ticket for the village ski lifts. Depending on the ability and development of the group, the instructor will decide whether the course will also take place on more difficult slopes. Because of this, the course participants may have to buy a ski pass update for the entire ski area.
new: will decide wether the course will take place on an advanced slopes. For this change the participants have to upgrade their ski pass for the entire ski area if they have not had this card since the start.

All other levels
For all other levels, a ski pass is required for the entire area, including the Adrenalin Cup (with the Saastalcard, including).

How are levels divided?

The classification takes place when you register according to the ESKIMOS ski system or the SSBS snowboard rider system. If you neither want to classify yourself nor know your last level, we will be happy to advise you.

How should the course description be understood?

The course description does not explain what you can already do, but what you will learn during the week. So if you book Basic 2, for example, you already have Basic 1.

What about wrong classification?

Our technical manager is always at the meeting point on Monday and Tuesday mornings to reallocate the students if necessary and to solve other problems.

Is the group size really limited?

Yes. Small groups with a maximum of 6 people (up to 8 people in the high season due to a change in level in the advanced groups) are part of the ESKIMOS philosophy.

What if a group is already full?

Then new groups are formed in the afternoon, e.g. from 12: 30-15: 00.

Can you join a group later?

If there is space, we integrate advanced students later. Unfortunately, it is not possible for total beginners. Small groups mean high learning intensity and make it difficult to get started later.

Can you only spend a few days in a group?

No. To reach the next level, you should attend classes every day. Anyone who still comes less has no right to a refund.

When is the registration deadline?

Since the number of participants per group is limited, we recommend everyone to register online as early as possible. But it is also possible on site in the office.

Are all levels always offered?

No. We plan according to reservations and form groups as long as there are instructors available. One more reason to register early.

Why does the lesson only last 2.5 hours?

Small groups ensure a higher learning intensity and our guests find the 2.5 hours to be ideal. We also benefit from shorter waiting times at the lifts, as we are always the first school on the slopes in the morning.

Does the freeride course take place next to the piste?

No. We only teach you the necessary know-how for freeriding on marked slopes. We also teach on yellow slopes, if the conditions allow. Because in the Saas-Fee glacier ski area, skiing next to the piste is 1. dangerous and 2. prohibited.

Is there a ski race?

Each group can decide together whether they want to take part in a ski race from the Adrenalin Cup.

What will I get at the end of the course?

Each participant receives a course certificate and a medal at the end of the course.

Where are photos and films posted?

All films and photos from the snow sports courses are posted on ESKIMOS 'social media.

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